Valley Cutter Company

Teddy Bear #1


Teddy Bear #1 cutter designed by Shereen's Cakes and Bakes.

  • Made in the UK
  • Stainless Steel (food grade) and Rust Resistant
  • Precise Cutting Edge
  • Superior Quality
  • Finished design 55x55mm approx

Finished teddy fits perfectly on a cupcake.  This set includes a head, arm, ear and snout cutter.

These are very easy to use and give you a nice clean cut. The ear and arm cutters must be turned over to cut the opposite side.

I have cut my cupcake disk in the photos using a 2.5” round cutter so you can judge for size reference.

To see the video tutorial in Higher resolution follow the link Teddy bear cupcake topper with cutters - YouTube